Focus and Scope


1. Design and implementation of software development algorithms
2. Artificial intelligence
3. Data and information processing
4. Robotics
5. Data Science
6. Data Mining
7. Computer Vision
8. Image Processing
9. Deep Learning
10. Machine Learning.

JUKOMIKA is a blind peer-review journal dedicated to the publication of quality research results. The journal publishes regularly twice a year, namely in June and December. The journal is published by the Research Institute for Community Service Publishing and Printing of Indonesian Scholar Khiar Wafi (LPPMPP IKHAFI). All publications in the JUKOMIKA journal are open which allows articles to be freely available online without a subscription.


JUKOMIKA is intended as a medium for scientific studies of research results, thoughts, and critical analysis studies regarding research. As part of the spirit of disseminating knowledge resulting from extensive research and as a reference source for academics in the field of Technology and Information.

With articles that have primary citations and have never been published online or in print before.

Every article submitted before publication will go through a Plagiarism Check process using the Turnitin Plagiarism tool with a percentage of <= 25%. If there is a major indication of plagiarism, the manuscript will be rejected for publication.